AHOI & PROFOLK  proudly present:
So. 19. August 2018, 18:00h, Doors 17:15h
VIVE L’AFRIQUE – No. 4. Africafestival in Berlin-Lübars
with Front-Women from Africa & Diaspora – rollstuhl-gerecht
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Naomi Beukes-Meyer: Film “Another Day in Paradies”
Astrid North – Pop & Soul
Mwenda Mayer – Tanz
Djatou Touré – AfriPop
Djane Mellowrose
Info-Stand: Lampedusa Berlin & Oury Jalloh Initiative

18: 15h Naomi Beukes-Meyer Namibia, movie “Another Day in Paradise” The third webisode of the web series “The Center” about the life and love of African women in Berlin is the story of Leoni, a Namibian woman who is a center in Berlin opened in order to provide African women in Berlin with a safe haven, with the support of their partner, Dr. med. Jessi Matthews, who wants to work again in Namibia on “Doctors Without Borders” …
She presents her film and sings a song from Namibia.

19: 00h Astrid North AfroAmerica – Pop & Soul
Her grandmother Precious Ruby North is honored with her current album NORTH (2012), which strongly encouraged her in her childhood in the USA. In Berlin in 1992 she started her solo career with the “Cultured Pearls” & songs “Tic Toc” and “Sugar Honey” in the radio hits. In 2014 “NORTH live” and in 2016 “Precious Ruby” will be released. Their music on the stages of this world and inspires their audience with a very honest authentic stage presence.

19: 45h P a u s e – eat & meet


20: 30h Mwenda Mayer from South Africa
Dance Performance & Workshop
In Cape Town, dancing the local KWAITO, in Berlin AFROFUSION, the teacher and dancer, who practices different forms of dance, practices the fusion of traditional and modern elements into new styles that make their own journey between cultures and the search for their own reflects their own identity. In the workshop we learn steps that we dance with the next band 😉

21: 45h Djatou Touré & Band – AfriPop from the Ivory Coast
Djatou Touré combines African poetry with modern AfroBeatz in different languages. She is a daughter of the people MANDINGE with the belief in the goddesses of the earth, trees and nature. She is gifted with a beautiful clear, bluesy, rocking voice, full of power. Since 1997 she performs traditional vocals of West Africa, jazz standards, jazz improvisations and her own compositions in French, English and her native language Bambara. In 2007 she won the Music Prize Carnival of Cultures.

22: 45h DJane Mellowrose – Manila, Philippines
AfroBeat, House, Reggae, Soul & Jazz, World Music
She accompanies us through the evening 😉

LAMPEDUSA BERLIN + Initiative Oury Jalloh

der legendären Afrika-KulturSalons MoKATO von 2001

Afrikanisches Essen 😉